Past Events


Past Events

  • First day of school

  • On the 27 and 28 of August.

August 2018
  • Experience Malvern – Cricket Experience Day

  • Malvern College Hong Kong had a successful first day of school on August 27, but some members of the initial intake have been getting a bit of a head start…

21 July 2018
  • Experience Malvern – Creative Arts Workshop

  • Creativity is more than mere artistic talents; being creative is a way of thinking and expressing ourselves, discovering new things which motivate and inspire us to be imaginative and inventive.

10 March 2018
  • Malvern College now set to open sixth international campus

  • Last week, UK International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox attended the signing of a landmark deal between Chinese officials and Malvern College.

2 February 2018
  • Experience Malvern – International Chess Workshop

  • Today’s teachers must fight against media and computer games to get their student’s attention, and maintaining the interest of 40 young children for over an hour has become a challenge.

9 December 2017
  • Experience Malvern – Forest School Experience Day

  • Nature offers children an exciting playground and an excellent classroom. And recognising that has prompted an increasing number of schools in Hong Kong to introduce programmes which take students into the great outdoors, so they can experience the wonders of the natural world.

2 December 2017
  • Experience Malvern – Coding Workshop

  • Technology is fast changing the world we live in, so it is essential for schools to introduce young students to the skills and concepts they will need to succeed in the years ahead.

18 November 2017
  • Malvern College Hong Kong Completes Superstructure As Headmaster Takes Up Post

  • Prestigious British independent school completes campus structure on time, construction scheduled for completion in April 2018 and Dr. Robin Lister, Founding Headmaster, officially takes up post a year ahead of opening.

21 September 2017
  • Malvern College Pre-School Official Opening Ceremony!

  • Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong is committed to providing innovative and personalised education through the Educationally Harnessed Play programme alongside the Forest School.

20 September 2017
  • Experience Malvern

  • MCHK will hold a series of events for children to engage in different experiences, both physically and creatively. These events will include Rugby, the Forest School, Coding, and Chess.

14 September 2017
  • Update: Oxbridge places confirmed for IB pupils from Malvern College UK

  • Congratulations to our Malvern College IB pupils who have had their Oxbridge places confirmed.

7 July 2017 (Malvern College UK)
  • Impressive results for IB pupils for Malvern College UK

  • Malvern College offers both A levels and the International Baccalaureate in the Sixth Form and is celebrating a one hundred percent success rate in the IB Diploma for those studying the IB this year.

6 July 2017 (Malvern College UK)
  • Appointment of Founding Headmaster for MCHK

  • MCHK is pleased to announce Dr Robin A Lister as its Founding Headmaster, joining the school in 2017.

21 September 2016
  • MCHK Campus Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

  • Laying of the foundation stone of MCHK’s campus building, officiated by Mrs Carrie Lam…

20 April 2016
  • Parents and Headmasters Evening

  • Prospective MCHK parents and Old Malvernians met with the Headmasters of Malvern College family…

19 April 2016
  • Seven offers from Oxford and Cambridge for Malvern UK

  • Seven pupils at Malvern College have recently been offered places at Oxford and Cambridge…

26 January 2016 (Malvern College UK)
  • University admissions results for Malvern College UK and Malvern College Qingdao

  • Malvern College UK and Qingdao graduates of 2015 accepted into renowned universities worldwide.

28 December 2015
  • Visit by the Chairman and Headmaster of Malvern College

  • Malvern College UK and Qingdao graduates of 2015 accepted into renowned universities worldwide.

25 September 2015
  • Cocktail Reception at the UK Consulate General

  • Co-hosted by Ms Caroline Wilson, Consul-General of UK in Hong Kong and Macao and Ms Jacqueline So, Chief Executive of MCHK, to celebrate the launch of the MCHK project.

24 June 2015