Outdoor education and expeditions have long been a core part of a Malvern education, making the most of the opportunities that challenging experiences in the outdoors provide for the development of the Malvern Qualities. Expeditions in the outdoors, as well as being a lot of fun, achieve a number of objectives, including:

  • help the development of teamwork and leadership skills;
  • provide an environment where individuals can be stretched and challenged – physically and mentally;
  • develop an appreciation of the environment;
  • support and build awareness of personal and group wellbeing;
  • provide a challenging environment through which to build resilience: on expeditions pupils experience success and appropriate failure and learn to respond to both and to be aware of the need to persevere in the pursuit of personal and group targets.

At Malvern College Hong Kong, personal development in the outdoors environment begins with Forest-Beach School in the younger Prep levels, progressing to overnight camps in upper Prep followed by the opportunity to take part in expeditions, locally or overseas, of a week or longer in the Senior years.


Malvern College Hong Kong also offers the Hong Kong Award for Young People as a CCA activity which offers senior pupils the opportunity to plan and take part in short expeditions.