MYP eAssessment Results

MYP eAssessment Results

We are extremely proud of our first cohort of Hundred (Y11) pupils who have received stellar results in their MYP eAssessments in May 2021. 100% of the pupils passed the assessment while 47% of them were awarded the Bilingual Certificate in both English and Chinese Language and Literature.

We are delighted to share that our pupils’ average score of 44 points sits well above the world average of 38 points. With 56 points as the highest possible score, 60% of our pupils achieved 45 points or more, and 27% of our pupils even obtained 50 points or more.

Furthermore, our pupils were also highly successful in the Personal Project with a pass rate of 100% and average grade 5 (highest grade being 7), again comfortably surpassing the world average of 3.9.