Parents and Headmasters Evening

  • MCHK parents’ evening with the headmasters of Malvern College family of schools

19 April 2016

Headmasters from the four schools of the Malvern College family and MCHK senior management team held the first Headmasters conference at the British Council at Admiralty, led by Mr Antony Clark, Headmaster of Malvern College UK. Other headmasters present were Mr Malcolm Philips, Headmaster of Malvern College Chengdu, Mr Duncan Grice, Headmaster of Malvern College Egypt – soon to open this September and Mr John Kenny, Headmaster of Malvern College Qingdao, discussed and shared ideas with the MCHK team as the Hong Kong campus enters the crucial construction and development stage, and to foster closer relationship between the sister schools.

Later in the evening, a parents’ reception was held at the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, where prospective parents were able to meet and discuss with the headmasters and the Hong Kong team. There were many questions for the headmasters and the MCHK team, ranging from technical questions about the MCHK campus, admissions process, curriculum and also possibilities of pupils going to our overseas campuses for exchanges and summer programmes. We also took the opportunity to unveil the new architectural model which features updated designs of our proposed facilities, such as the auditorium, sports hall, and atrium library.

MCHK would like to thank all the parents, Old Malvernians and headmasters who attended.