Headmaster’s Welcome

Dr. Robin A Lister

Founding Headmaster, Malvern College Hong Kong

  • Previously Senior Deputy Head, of Malvern College UK
  • Taught at Malvern College since 1989 as Head of Philosophy & Religious Studies, Housemaster and Deputy Head
  • BA in Theology and post-graduate teaching qualification from Hull University
  • MA in Religion and Psychology from Harvard University
  • Ph. D from St Andrews University where he was the Gifford Fellow and part-time lecturer
  • Passionate about the Highlands of Scotland where he spends a few weeks each year. A great admirer of J.S. Bach, modern art and architecture and keen interest in international relations.

I am thrilled to be the first Headmaster of Malvern College Hong Kong and look forward to playing such a vital role in building the school – quite literally – from the foundations upwards. I also look forward to meeting you and showing you first-hand what the school will be able to offer your son or daughter.

Malvern College Hong Kong joins the family of Malvern schools, Malvern College Qingdao, Malvern College Chengdu and Malvern College Egypt, each of which has its origins in Malvern College in the UK, a school which has recently enjoyed celebrating since its foundation in 1865. Our aim is to establish Malvern College Hong Kong as a leading international school for children from five to eighteen years old. The school will be rooted in the very best of traditions whilst also being forward looking and acutely aware of the challenges that face young people as they grow up in our rapidly changing world. Since its inception, Malvern’s motto has been “sapiens qui prospicit” or “wise is he who looks ahead” and it is this theme which underlies Malvern’s educational and wider ethos. Malvern College UK was one of the first UK schools to adopt the IB Diploma programme. Malvern College Hong Kong will follow the footprint of Malvern College UK, seeking approval to offer a globally inspired and world-class curriculum at all levels of its programme, (Primary, Middle and sixth form) there will be a recognition of global issues, the inter-connectedness between subjects and the need to prepare young people of all ages for a world that is increasingly ‘small’ and rapidly changing. Living and working in Hong Kong, in what is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, illustrates this clearly. Our aim is to enhance our academic curriculum by instilling Malvern’s emphasis on education the whole person, paying particular attention to the teaching of science, emphasising trans-disciplinary learning whilst also payment equal attention to the value of sport, art, music, drama and a wide variety of other character forming activities.

A House system will foster both loyalty and some healthy competition and importantly give pupils a sense of belonging. It is, after all, a community they will be joining and a sense of happiness and belonging will be at the heart of what we do and how we do it. Eating alongside those in your house and being overseen by individual housemistresses and housemasters will enhance this family feeling as will a genuine concern for the individual. The assignment of personal tutors will help guide each child on an individual basis according to their own needs and talents. Our aim is to equip young people so that they not only receive a first-rate education, but are also given opportunities to develop personally as our exceptionally wide extra-curricular programme allows. This will become a central part of what pupils do, alongside and complementing academic lessons.

The school’s ethos will foster those values that are the very foundation of a successful education and that help define what a Malvernian stands for: resilience, self-awareness, kindness, open-mindedness, collaboration, risk-taking, curiosity, ambition, independence, integrity, humility and an appreciation of cultural diversity. There will also be attention to dress, being smart and being polite. All these values will be rewarded and reinforced throughout the school day, in and outside the classroom.

I have no doubt that, reflecting its alma mater, Malvern HK will become a beacon of educational excellence, an education that encompasses but goes beyond a focus on academic development to include care for the whole person in an environment that is happy, safe and ‘fun’. I do hope you are able to visit and see for yourself our vision as it unfolds.