The Arts


The music department is always a hive of musical activity – whether in the music studios or the individual practice rooms. Musical talent is encouraged and supported through both the curricular and co-curricular programmes, with a range of ensembles for experienced and developing musicians including an orchestra, choirs, string ensemble, jazz band and indie band.

Malvern Music Academy offers private and individual instrumental and vocal tuition during the school day. All pupils are invited to participate in performances celebrating their curricular and co-curricular musical involvement. Performances take place in our beautiful auditorium, the “Big School”. Christmas concerts, summer concerts and the annual House music competitions are particular highlights. Some of our most talented musicians have the opportunity to attend the UK’s National Schools Symphony Orchestra (NSSO) summer programme run by Malvern College UK.

Excerpt of rehearsal of HK Phil’s Fundraising Concert

Visual Arts

The work of our talented visual artists enlivens the walls of the school. Visual Art is part of the core curriculum from Prep 1 onwards and always a popular co-curricular activity. The school campus features two visual arts studios.


In Drama, Malvern pupils are educated in different acting styles, methods and techniques. Pupils evolve their presentation skills by learning how to communicate and to control and project their voices. They are also taught about plays and history of drama, direct performance rehearsals, and may even create their own dramatic pieces including the assembly and management of lighting and sets.

Drama is incorporated into units of inquiry in the Prep years, leading to dedicated lessons in the lower senior years. Upper senior pupils may elect Drama lessons as an option. The co-curricular activities programme features Drama classes for younger pupils and Malvern’s Drama Club for seniors.