Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships – Celebrating Excellence

Scholarships Available for Academic Year 2024-25!


Malvern College Hong Kong is offering pupils the opportunity to excel in their skills and passions. For the Academic Year 2024-25, the school provides different scholarships in a variety of areas to deserving pupils by nomination and by application. The application deadline will be on Friday, 1st of December 2023.


While we support and encourage all Malvern pupils to maximise their potential, we take great pride in our Malvern scholars whose extraordinary talents are rewarded with enrichment opportunities and career support, fee remission, and of course, the accolade of being a scholar itself.




1. Academic Scholarship

Available to students entering FY1 (Y7) and above, This scholarship recognises those who demonstrate exceptional academic knowledge and skill. Malvern academic scholars show a consistently strong work ethic, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution in their work.


2. Diversity Scholarship

Malvern College Hong Kong seeks to build an internationally diverse and open-minded community and to instil a desire to learn from alternative worldviews and identities. Our Diversity scholarship is offered to those students who will enhance Malvern’s multicultural community and act as the school’s cultural ambassadors. We seek candidates who demonstrate cultural diversity in heritage, spoken language and community involvement.


3. Drama Scholarship

An education in drama and the performing arts is vital for the development of emotional intelligence, imagination, teamwork, and dialogue. In recognition of its importance, our Drama scholarship is aimed at pupils from FY1 (Y7) who demonstrate a keen interest in theatre and who will contribute to Malvern’s performing arts programs through participation in school productions. Drama scholars should seek to actively promote a culture of drama and theatre performance within the school.


4. Sixth Form Leadership Scholarship

Malvern College has an outstanding alumni of men and women, leaders in their fields of expertise, from Nobel Laureates to politicians, television presenters and sportsmen. Our merit-based leadership scholarship is available solely for Malvern’s incoming Sixth Form students and is specifically designed to nurture potential leaders of the future. Suitable candidates will be ambitious pupils who show competence and confidence in leading others and who have personal, academic and/or extra-curricular leadership experience.


5. Music Scholarship

Music is not only one of life’s greatest pleasures but also a constant source of inspiration, helping teach self-discipline, memory, and literacy. We regard music culture as indispensable for school life and award this scholarship to Prep 5 (Y5) pupils and above who have achieved the equivalent of a strong Grade 5 (ABRSM or Trinity) in at least one instrument or singing. Applicants must show commitment, past and present, to their musicianship and be willing to contribute to the school’s musical life and represent MCHK in performances.


6. Sports Scholarship

Participation in sport not only builds physical fitness but also promotes social skills, teamwork and motivation. Our Sports scholarship is available to pupils from Prep 5 (Y5) and above. Successful candidates will demonstrate a high level of athletic ability and either be committed to a range of sports or be particularly talented in one discipline. We expect scholars to be actively involved in our athletic community and to compete in MCHK teams. Special consideration will be given to those applicants who play in a local club, or at a national or international level.


7. Visual Arts/Design Scholarship

The creative arts contribute significantly to personal, social and academic growth. They encourage the development of creativity, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, communication and self-confidence, skills essential for a 21st Century workforce.

Our Visual Arts/Design scholarship is open for talented and deserving applicants from FY1 (Y7) onwards. Successful candidates will demonstrate a genuine talent and interest in the visual arts and/or in design. Arts Scholars will enhance the school’s cultural and artistic profile by representing Malvern in external arts and design competitions. They will also be expected to design artwork for the campus building and for school publications.


Who can apply?


Malvern Scholarships are available to both internal and external candidates in every academic year.


External candidates are required to meet Malvern College Hong Kong general admissions criteria by submitting a regular application and paying the application fee. Their scholarship application will be processed alongside their regular admissions application and prior to a scholarship award, candidates must also pass the school’s online assessment and attend an admissions interview.


Existing Malvern College Hong Kong pupils may also apply for a scholarship. Pupil’s may hold up to two scholarships at the same time. Current scholars who successfully secure a second scholarship will not receive additional monetary benefits. The second scholarship will be deemed “honorary” and will provide access to the curricular scholarship benefits.


How to apply?


All candidates must submit a scholarship application along with a personal statement outlining their academic, personal and co-curricular profile. They should also indicate their motivation and anticipated future contribution to school life.


Academic scholarship application form: Download Here

Diversity scholarship application form: Download Here

Drama scholarship application form: Download Here

Leadership scholarship application form: Download Here

Music scholarship application form: Download Here

Sports scholarship application form: Download Here

Visual Arts/Design scholarship application form: Download Here


Alongside the scholarship application and personal statement, the following supporting documents should be submitted:


Principal recommendation form: Download Here

Mentor recommendation form: Download Here

Passport and HKID copy

Recent passport-sized photograph

Previous two years’ school reports


Additional requirements by scholarship

Scholarship Type Additional Requirements
Drama Audition
Music Audition
Sports Video evidence
Visual Arts/Design Art portfolio

Short-listed candidates will be invited to a scholarship selection interview.


Scholarships decisions will consider the overall quality of the candidate’s application, including their personal, academic and co-curricular profile, interview performance, evidence of talent and their potential to contribute to school life. Scholarships are awarded subject to the discretion of the schools scholarship panel who will determine the number and level of all awards.


When to apply?


For the academic year 2024-25:

Application deadline Friday, 1st December 2023
Interview (short-listed candidates only)/ auditions 6th-13th December 2023
Scholarships Announcement Friday, 15th December 2023


Bursaries are available for families in need of additional financial support, including non-local (international/expatriate) families not in receipt of an educational allowance from their employer. Applications are open for pupils across all year groups, starting from Prep 1 (Year 1) onwards. We expect families receiving support to uphold the ethos and philosophy of a Malvern education.