Other Programmes

Scholarship Programme

Malvern College Hong Kong offers scholarships to deserving pupils by nomination and by application. Scholarship categories include excellence in the Humanities, Sciences, Arts, Sports, Music, and Special scholarships. Click here to learn more.

Gifted and Special Needs Education

As a commitment to a personalised approach to learning, Malvern College Hong Kong will put programmes and personnel in place to support gifted and special educational needs. This includes enrichment in Mathematics, Languages, Science, and the Arts. It is our aim to enrich these programmes through personalised pacing and acceleration and competitions in the Mathematics and by inspiring a love of literature through graded reading and creative writing in our language programmes. The school will also introduce a third language programme (such as French, Spanish, or Japanese) in addition to compulsory English and Chinese.

As part of our support to pupils we also cater for pupils with special education needs (SEN) through our Learning Enhancement department.