Pre-Sixth Form

Pre-Sixth Form

The one year Pre-Sixth Form programme in Hundred (Year 11) provides pupils with no previous experience of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum the opportunity to develop essential skills needed to embark on the IB Diploma Programme (DP) in the Sixth Form (Year 12-13). It also enables pupils for whom English is a second language to ensure they have the confidence and required language level to enter the IBDP. The Pre-Sixth Form programme is solely aimed at external applicants to Malvern College Hong Kong.

Pre-Sixth Form pupils generally follow the same curricular programmes as the Middle Years Programme (MYP) pupils but are not expected to take MYP eAssessments. In this way pupils can focus on building their subject knowledge while developing their understanding of IBDP core areas: Approaches to Learning (ATLs), international-mindedness, service as action and interdisciplinary learning. The Pre-Sixth Form programme also focuses on the development of independent study and research skills as well as pupils’ capacity for critical and creative thinking which are indispensable to be successful in the IB Diploma.

Like all Malvernians, Pre-Sixth Form pupils are able to enjoy a wide variety of co-curricular activities and take part in house events. A leadership training programme is built into the Summer Term programme in Hundred to prepare pupils for success and leadership in the Sixth Form.


Aims of the programme

The Pre-Sixth Form programme has been designed with two main objectives:

  1. To provide pupils with an introduction to all aspects of life at Malvern college Hong Kong. This integration year allows for seamless entry into the sixth form and adequate preparation for the demands of the IBDP.
  2. For those pupils for whom English is a second language, to provide additional support in their English language development to ensure that they are in a strong position to embark on the DP

The programme

The timetable for Pre-Sixth Form pupils incorporates the following subjects and activities:

  • English
  • Chinese*
  • Maths
  • Integrated sciences
  • Individuals & societies
  • Design/visual arts/music/drama – two to be selected from options available
  • PSHE (physical, social and health education)
  • Daily tutor time
  • Co-curricular and enrichment activities

*If the pupil’s preferred language (mother tongue) is not English or Chinese, or the pupil has studied an alternative second language not currently offered by the school, arrangements can be made to support other languages. Costs of instruction/support in languages other than the school’s core languages must be covered by parents.

Depending on the interests and background of the Pre-Sixth Form pupil and intended diploma course options, some flexibility in the timetable may be agreed, for instance to enable pupils to spend more time focusing on their English where required.


Monitoring, assessment and reporting

Assessment for Pre-Sixth Form pupils is tailored to meet their needs and to focus on the desired outcomes of the year: strong foundations in the core skills, knowledge and understanding as well as readiness for the DP. Pupils have the opportunity to complete MYP formative and end of unit summative assessments along with other hundred pupils where this is realistic. Pupils receive three reports during the year, complemented by pupil-parent teacher consultations.


Malvern College Hong Kong welcomes external applicants into the one year Pre-Sixth Form Programme in Hundred (Year 11). Once enrolled at MCHK, Pre-Sixth Form pupils are expected to continue onto the Diploma Programme.

At the heart of any final admissions decision is the pupil and his or her future aspirations, both as an individual and as a prospective member of the school community. In reviewing entry into the Pre-Sixth Form programme, the following is considered:

  • Whether the pupil will, with support and time, emotionally and academically manage the IBDP;
  • Whether the pupil’s further education opportunities will be enhanced by undertaking the rigours of the IBDP;
  • Whether the college community will be enriched by the pupil’s contribution;
  • Whether the pupil demonstrates the interests and commitment to benefit from the rich variety of opportunities offered at Malvern College Hong Kong.

Admissions process for entry to the Pre-Sixth Form Programme

  • Completing of online application form;
  • Payment of application and assessment fees;
  • Online assessment covering verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning;
  • Written assessment in English;
  • Review of school records, including the last two years of school reports;
  • Pupil interview with the Headmaster/Deputy Head/Head of Secondary and DP Coordinator;
  • Parent interview.

Additional tests will be requested in individual circumstances where further language testing is required.

The school reserves the right to contact the current school of any pupil applying for the Pre-Sixth Form programme.