Malvern Qualities and Ethos

Malvern Qualities and Ethos

All Malvern schools share a common ethos defining our philosophy of education. We foster a vibrant, nurturing learning environment and place our pupils at the centre of everything we do. Our experienced teachers adopt a personalised approach to inspire and empower each of our pupils to go beyond expectations and expand their potential. We strive to instil a strong sense of community and responsibility amongst all members of the Malvern community, through which pupils are encouraged to challenge boundaries, think critically and act collaboratively. We envisage them developing lifelong relationships with a genuine passion for learning that will extend further.

To accomplish this, we focus on key areas of development, mainly:

  • Academic– to discipline the mind;
  • Cultural– to inspire the heart;
  • Character Development – to create awareness of one’s self and be respectful of others;
  • Co-curricular – to strengthen the body as well as mind and character.

In all these key areas of development, we have high expectations of our pupils in terms of their effort, achievements and behaviour, and we aim to provide them with the means by which they can develop to the best of their abilities, knowledge, skills and personality. By so doing, Malvern seeks to develop confident, well-rounded individuals who can be successful in their own lives and of service to others.


The Malvern Qualities

The Malvern ethos is cultivated through a focus on eleven carefully selected qualities which are distinct to all Malvern schools:

Resilience – having the ability to approach uncertainty with forethought, resourcefulness and determination;

Self-awareness – understanding one’s strengths and seeing opportunities in one’s weaknesses;

Kindness – realising that our actions have an impact on others, so there is always an effort to make a positive difference;

Open-mindedness – appreciating one’s heritage and cultural background as well as the values and traditions of others;

Collaboration – learning to work effectively by seeing things from different perspectives;

Risk-taking – being able to create decisions based on deliberate actions;

Curiosity – knowing how to ask questions and having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and continuous learning;

Ambition – having a strong sense of achievement, whether for one’s self or for others;

Independence – being capable of acting independently guided by a strong thought-process;

Integrity – awareness of the effects of one’s actions and the responsibility that comes with it;

Humility – being self-reflective and open to others’ opinions.


“Malvernians strive for success but can cope with setbacks. They are confident but not arrogant. They are willing to take calculated risks and place mutual respect at the heart of all they do.”

Dr Robin A. Lister, Founding Headmaster of Malvern College Hong Kong