Malvern College’s Ethos

Malvern College’s Ethos

We foster a vibrant, nurturing environment and place your child at the centre of everything we do. Our experienced teachers adopt a personalised approach to inspire and empower each of our pupils to go beyond expectations and expand their potential. Drawing upon our 150+ year British boarding school heritage, we strive to instil a strong sense of community and responsibility amongst all members of the Malvern College family, through which pupils are encouraged to challenge boundaries, think critically and act collaboratively. We envisage them developing lifelong relationships with a genuine passion for learning that will extend further.

“Academic excellence, a vast array of extra-curricular activities and pastoral care are all central tenets of Malvern life; but more importantly we seek to develop happy, balanced, and well-rounded individuals who leave us fulfilled and equipped to flourish.

The boarding ethos affords the pupils the time and the opportunity to develop as confident, creative and caring individuals within a friendly and supportive community. Our staff are talented and committed, and focus on the individual. We believe in working in partnership with parents, who are always welcome at the school.”

Keith Metcalfe, Headmaster of Malvern College

To accomplish this, we focus on key areas of development, mainly:
  • Academic– to discipline the mind;
  • Cultural– to inspire the heart;
  • Character Development – to create awareness of one’s self and be respectful of others;
  • Co-curricular – to strengthen the body as well as their minds and characters.

In all these key areas of development, we have high expectations of our pupils in terms of their effort, achievements and behaviour and we aim to provide them with the means by which they can develop to the best of their abilities, their knowledge, skills and personality. By so doing, Malvern College seeks to develop confident, well-rounded individuals who can be successful in their own lives and of service to others.


The Malvern Qualities

The ethos of Malvern College is cultivated through a focus on eleven carefully selected qualities which are distinct to the Malvern College community:

Resilience – Showing persistence and perseverance in the face of difficulty. Having the ability to face challenges with confidence and with good humour. Being able to respond positively to setbacks and to see them as an opportunity to learn.

Self-awareness – Being reflective about the process of learning and what we do. Showing an awareness of both strengths and weaknesses and taking responsibility for personal development.

Kindness – Recognising that kindness and consideration are an essential part of a civilised society and a happy community. Acting with compassion and showing empathy towards those in difficulty.

Open-mindedness – Being open-minded to the wide range of beliefs, opinions and cultures that make up the modern world and yet having the strength of character to stand by one’s own. Showing respect and acceptance to those who hold contrary views and the intellectual flexibility to see others’ points of view. Having a global outlook and actively contributing to a multi-cultural society.

Collaboration – Demonstrating an awareness that collaboration is a vital skill in society. Working with others to bring about the greater good and to offer service. Showing generosity towards other opinions and ideas and an ability to recognise that other ideas may be better than one’s own. Working together to learn.

Risk-taking – Demonstrating a confident, imaginative and innovative approach to what is possible. Pushing oneself both mentally and physically in unfamiliar situations. Showing curiosity and creativity to explore new ideas and opportunities.

Curiosity – Having an inquisitive and investigative attitude.

Ambition – Being forward-thinking with a vision of the future, and showing the determination and courage to follow this path.

Independence – Showing self-reliance and resourcefulness in all actions.

Integrity – Showing the strength of character to be an honest and trustworthy member of society and to stand by one’s beliefs. Being willing to accept personal responsibility where things go wrong and to learn from mistakes when they occur. Demonstrating intellectual honesty by acknowledging sources of information and ideas.

Humility – Having awareness of one’s strengths and abilities but with a sense of modesty. Recognising the distinction and benefits of a Malvern College education, making the most of the opportunities it provides and understanding with sensitivity and humility that others do not enjoy the same advantages.