Assessment & Result

Assessment and Admission Results

  2. Over the academic year of 2023-24, we will continuously collate and review all the new applications received.

    Format of Assessment

    Applicants are required to demonstrate through assessment and/or interview that they are capable of engaging with an English medium curriculum.

    The assessments are all age-appropriate and aim to assess pupils’ learning skills and cognitive ability. The assessments are accompanied by interviews that will explore each pupil’s potential for language learning as well as their ability to engage and succeed within the curriculum being offered at the school.

    Method of Assessment

    Prep 1-3

    • Work with the child in a group to ascertain their English language ability, cognitive growth and motor skills as well as hobbies and interests, followed by a pupil and parents interview in English.
    • Review of previous school reports where applicable

    Prep 4 to Foundation Year 3

    • Age-specific online assessment and written task in English covering English Literacy, non-verbal and quantitative reasoning, following a pupil and parents interview in English.
    • Review of previous school reports

    Remove, Hundred, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth

    • Age-specific online assessment and essay in English, followed by an interview in English.
    • Review of previous school reports
  4. After the assessment, you will be notified of the outcome. If the results are positive and a place is available, a formal offer will be made by the School and with the relevant enrolment information.

    If no places are available for your desired entry date, the School will place you on the waiting list, and will notify you when a place becomes available. To accept the offer of a place, parents should return the necessary information required inside the enrolment pack.

    Parents are required to complete the enrolment pack and send in together with the cheque for the non-refundable Registration Fee within the time frame specified in the offer letter. This will then confirm that the enrolment process is complete. Please note that any failure to complete these procedures on time may result in the place being offered to another pupil.