FAQ for Malvern College Hong Kong

Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK) opened its doors in August 2018 and will ultimately provide around 1,200 places for both primary and secondary pupils.
  • When is the starting date?
    • 27 August 2018
  • What is the full capacity of the school?
    • Around 1,200 pupils
  • What is your class size?
    • 20-24 pupils
    • Roughly 1:10 teacher to pupil ratio
  • What are the school hours?
    • From 8:05a.m. to 2:50p.m.
  • What makes you unique among other international schools?
    • Malvern College has a very long, prestigious, and successful history of over 150 years. This experience and our proven track record place us as a world leader in the educational market, with a range of schools around the world within the Malvern network.
  • What is your school management structure?
    • School Headmaster and Primary/Secondary Principals supported by other academic and non-academic managers/coordinators
  • Will your management team come from the UK?
    • The management team will be selected based mainly on qualifications and experience, particularly in the IB. In addition, Malvern College UK has played and will continue to play a significant part in the recruitment of teaching staff and will also instigate a quality assurance programme with frequent visits to the school.
  • What is the relationship between Malvern College and Malvern College Hong Kong?
    • It is a close partnership. Malvern UK is intimately involved in the development and management of Malvern College Hong Kong.
    • Governance will be ensured by a management board well represented by Malvern UK, which meets every quarter to discuss issues on the operation of schools.
    • Malvern UK is involved in the planning and operation of the school, covering areas ranging from campus design to staff appointment.
    • There will also be sharing of teaching experience and knowledge. Senior teaching staff recruited for Malvern College Hong Kong always work closely with the teaching team from Malvern College UK, including getting the relevant teaching resources they can utilise. Staff training in Hong Kong will be arranged as appropriate and it will be conducted by professionals or the appropriate authority in the field.
    • Malvern UK attaches great emphasis to the quality of the education delivered by its international network of schools. As such, it has set up a quality assurance programme that includes a yearly inspection of the school’s operations and academic programmes outside the UK.
    • As a testament of the close relationship between the mother school and Malvern College Hong Kong, there will be reserved places for pupils of Malvern College Hong Kong at Malvern UK if they so choose to further their studies at Malvern.
  • Are Qingdao College and Chengdu College in China also managed in the same way as Malvern College Hong Kong?
    • All Malvern Colleges share the same ethos and values, and the operations of the schools generally mirror that of the mother school in the UK. However, of course there are adaptations for each country to meet the national requirements laid down by their governments and English capabilities of its pupil intake.
  • Will the admissions be rolling admissions?
    • MCHK accepts application throughout the school year.
  • Will you assess all applicants?
    • Yes, we will invite all applicants for assessment or observation session.
  • Will you accept a child who does not speak English?
    • A minimum level of English is necessary, and this will also depend on other criteria including school reports and parents’ ability to offer English support at home.
  • What priority rankings will you have for Admissions?
    • We are looking to build a pupil population with a diverse mix.
    • We are open to considering pupils who may need some support in English in the short term, if their home environment can support their learning of English.
    • In addition, the following groups will have priority for assessment:
      • Corporate Nomination Right (CNR) nominees;
      • Individual Nomination Right (INR) nominees;
      • Siblings of pupils already attending Malvern College Hong Kong;
      • Pupils who have been attending Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong for at least one year prior to admission to
      • Malvern College Hong Kong;
      • Children of Old Malvernians (alumni);
      • Pupils transferring from another school in the Malvern College family – they must have attended the school for a minimum of 2 years and must have strong school reports;
      • Pupils who bring diversity of nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, learning styles and needs
  • What are the details of the school curriculum? What are the compulsory subjects? What are the optional subjects?
    • Building on Malvern College UK’s 25 years of highly successful experience in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, MCHK’s curriculum will be enriched with a wide co-curricular programme.
    • The school will teach Sciences and Mathematics through practical learning, where necessary combining traditional and modern teaching methodology, using a good deal of “hands-on” and experiential learning. There will be opportunities for extended learning – extra lessons, clubs, lectures, collaboration with universities and the Hong Kong Science Park.
    • English will be the medium of instruction but Chinese language learning will be mandatory for all pupils.
    • Programmes will be in place to support second language learners as well.
    • Malvern College Hong Kong will introduce the concept of Forest School learning into its curriculum. Forest School is led by qualified Forest School practitioners. The school’s proximity to country parks in the New Territories makes it an ideal place to provide the Forest School programme to pupils.
  • What curriculum will you run?
    • Malvern College Hong Kong will build on Malvern College UK’s 25 years of highly successful experience in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, it’s academic curriculum will be supplemented and enhanced by enrichment opportunities and a wide variety of co-curricular activities.
  • What is special about the science curriculum?
    • Nuffield / STEM – hands on approach, science exploration, starting at a young primary age. Our environment and proximity to Science Park and CUHK is a great advantage.
  • Do you offer learning support?
    • We will be offering some learning enrichment depending on the needs of the individual child including some language assistance options for those who may require it but this will be part of the entrance assessment process.
  • Tell me a bit more about your Chinese curriculum?
    • We will offer first and second language Chinese. We will also have a strong link/partnership with Beijing National University (BNU) whose expertise will support us through curriculum design and teacher training.
    • Learning Chinese is mandatory for every pupil. In line with prevalent practices across international schools in Hong Kong, simplified Mandarin will be taught. Enrichment courses on literature and practical writing will be offered for able pupils.
  • Do pupils need to buy any books in advance?
    • The majority of books will be provided by the school. Any recommendations of books which pupils might like to have their own copy of for reference will be shared in due course.
  • What will be the arrangements for the use of iPads/laptops? Do we need to purchase a laptop in advance?
    • As a general overview, school-based iPads will be used by pupils in Prep 1-4 and Prep 6. This year, Prep 5 is required to purchase their own iPads, whilst pupils will be required to buy their own laptops in Foundation Year 1 to Remove.
  • What further information is available about the co-curricular (CCA) programme?
    • As a guideline, pupils in Prep 1 should take part in a maximum of one CCA per week and Prep 2 pupils should sign up for not more than two CCAs per week, whilst Prep 3 and above may participate in up to three, or possibly four CCA activities.
    • Activities will be run by MCHK staff and by some external providers. Although we do not charge extra for CCAs when these are offered by our own staff, there is a small charge to cover additional materials. This is in the region of HK$150 per month for participation in 1-2 CCAs offered by our own staff or HK$300 per month for participation in 3+ CCAs offered by our own staff. If a CCA is being offered by an external provider, there are additional costs involved as specified on booking.
    • A wide range of activities are offering Monday-Friday covering different year groups with some activities being repeated during the week to allow flexibility.
    • Our CCA programme include but not limited to: swimming, football, rugby, cricket, gymnastics, netball, basketball, badminton, hockey, ballet, jazz dance, international chess, orchestra/band, coding, robotics, Chinese culture, French language for beginners, Spanish for beginners, debating, creative writing, drama, visual arts, book club, martial arts and junior science club.
  • Where can I get more information on the school uniform?
    • School uniform is compulsory for all pupils. Please refer to here for more information.
  • How will my child be allocated a House?
    • Children and their parents will be informed of their house allocation in August. House ties will be presented to pupils during the first week of term. Parents do not, therefore, need to order the house tie.
    • Pupils will be allocated to houses by the school in order to ensure each house has a diverse mix of gender, age, background, talents etc. Siblings will generally be put in the same house.
  • What play areas will be allocated for younger children?
    • The primary sports hall, outdoor area on the ground floor and skypitch will be used by younger children at break and lunch. The terraces may also be used by designated year groups.
  • What are your school fees?
    • Our proposed annual tuition fees for academic year 2021-22 are $ 173,670 for primary and $197,550 for secondary. The tuition fee adjustment is subject to EDB’s approval. Both sections are by 10 installments.
    • The Annual Capital Levy of the academic year 2020-21 is HK$42,000. Pupils who are covered by an Individual Nomination Right (INR) or a Corporate Nomination Right (CNR) are exempted from paying the Annual Capital Levy.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    • Yes, we will use 10% of our tuition fees income for scholarships and fee assistance.
    • We are keen to offer various Scholarships – academic, music, sport, art and drama. For more information, please click here.
  • Will you have enough playground space for the children?
    • The school design will have playground areas on ground floor and the roof.
    • G/F will have about 750m2 children playground and landscape garden at the external area. R/F will have about 1000m2 playground and landscape garden together with a 57m x 37m (2100m2) sports field.
    • Several semi-covered roof terraces on different floors (Approx. 1000m2in total) will be provided for pupils’ activities and leisure.
  • Do you have enough sports facilities?
    • A 6-lane 25m indoor swimming pool
    • A 200m2 indoor gymnasium
    • A 750m2 indoor sports hall (full size standard basketball court and other sports)
    • A 2100m2 outdoor play field on the roof
  • What are the arrangements for the school bus service to Malvern College Hong Kong?
    • Two bus services will operate: the main school bus and the post co-curricular activities (CCA) bus.
    • The school bus service for Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK) will be provided by Yang May Lee (YML) Travel Services Ltd, a company with 30 years’ experience of providing bus services for international schools around Hong Kong.
    • The school bus routes for MCHK will provide coverage of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.
    • MCHK recently launched a new school bus route to Discovery Bay.

      Please refer to the below timetable for details:


      7:00 am – Parkland Drive (bus stop outside of Parkridge Village)

      7:01 am – 15 Seabird Lane (bus stop in front)

      7:05 am – Crestmont (bus stop)

      7:07 am – Jovial Court (bus stop in front)

      7:09 am – La Vista (bus stop at No.5)


      3:50 pm – Parkland Drive

      3:52 pm – 15 Seabird Lane

      3:55 pm – Crestmont

      3:57 pm – Jovial Court

      3:59 pm – La Vista

      For information about other school bus routes, please refer to: http://www.schoolbusservice.net/malvern/.

    • The school bus company YML will fix a pick-up point based around the location of clusters of pupils with the aim to keep the travelling time to under an hour for the vast majority of children. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the bus service, we encourage parents to sign up with details of their location.
    • For detailed information about the school bus routes, please click this link http://www.schoolbusservice.net/malvern/.
  • On the school bus registration website, I can’t choose the route, what should I do?
    • By creating an account and putting your address on the form, the bus company will then assign the most appropriate route. The bus company will send a confirmation in mid July.
  • Can I drop my child off at the school instead of taking the school bus?
    • According to the conditions set by the HK Government, private car/taxi drop off is not allowed.
  • What if my child takes the MTR to University station, is there a shuttle bus?
    • The route from University station to MCHK is part of the school bus service. Parents must sign up at Yang May Lee (YML) Travel Services Ltd through this link http://www.schoolbusservice.net/malvern/ if they wish to use this service.
  • What is the school bus arrangement for co-curricular activities (CCAs)?
    • We will have different school buses available for those staying on for CCA activities. The CCA buses will run at least three drop off points: Central and/or Admiralty MTR station; Kowloon Tong MTR station and University MTR Station. CCAs are scheduled to run 3:00-4:00p.m. and the CCA buses will depart from school at 4:10p.m.
  • I have two children in Prep 1 and Prep 6. Can my younger child wait for my older child to finish a CCA, and then take the CCA bus together?
    • The school will try to accommodate the needs of different families. The pupils will wait in the library or another appropriate area with suitable adult supervision.
  • Can my child come to school by public transport in the morning but take the school bus home in the evening?
    • Parents need to subscribe to the return school bus service on a termly basis. There is unlikely to be any discount for only travelling one way on some or all days.
  • What system or measures will the school have in place for air quality control?
    • Procedures have been adopted and will be in place during school operations to monitor the air quality in the school.
    • Construction Phase:
    • The campus build has been finished on schedule to allow all paintwork to be completed well in advance of opening. It should also be noted that the majority of paint used in the campus has been water based and Low Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC)-emitting. The construction team has, within all interior finishes installed, carried out a building flush out by supplying a total air volume of 14,000 cubic feet of outdoor air per square foot of floor area, to remove particulates and reduce contaminants inside the building.
    • Furniture Delivery Phase:
    • All furniture procured for the school is non-volatile organic compounds (VOC) and non-formaldehyde to ensure no contamination to the indoor air quality. Another round of flush out will be carried out to remove possible contaminants which may come with the packaging of the furniture.
    • School Operation Phase:
    • In our Mechanical Ventilation and Air-Conditioning System, fresh air will be treated by the Air Handling Units and Primary Air Handling Units before distributing to the School. Air cleaning devices are provided for each Air Handling Unit and Primary Air Handling Unit. They include air pre-filters and high efficiency air filters. In addition, UV air sterilizer is provided for each Air Handling Unit and Primary Air Handling Unit to further enhance the air quality.
  • Where do your teachers come from?
    • Qualified teachers will be recruited internationally and locally.
  • Will you have a PTA?
    • Parental support and involvement in the education of their children is essential. The school will develop a formal structure once we start our operation.
  • Can pupils transfer easily between MCHK and other Malvern schools, including Malvern College UK?
    • Each Malvern school runs independently, but we will be planning exchange programmes between the Malvern College Family of Schools.
    • For Malvern College Hong Kong pupils, there will be a limited number of reserved places at The Downs Malvern at Year 7 and Malvern College UK at Year 9 to transfer over and finish their education in the UK. The pupil will need to pass the entrance criteria for the UK.
  • We are pleased to have received keen interest from parents and corporations. The application period for the Individual Nomination Rights has closed. If you are interested, please contact us at nr@malverncollege.org.hk. We will be happy to put you on our list of interested parents should a further round be offered at a later date.