Sixth Form

Sixth Form (Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth)

Providing a bridge between school and university


The Sixth Form experience at Malvern College Hong Kong provides the ideal bridge between school and university and is carefully designed to give students greater responsibility and freedom, preparing them to make the step to university life, while building foundations for life in the workplace. Sixth Form students, no longer referred to as ‘senior pupils’, are encouraged to ‘step up’ and live up to their position.

They are role models to younger primary and secondary pupils. They wear business attire rather than school uniform, making them ‘feel the part’ as they prepare themselves for the professional world. Sixth Form students at Malvern College have access to the Sixth Form study centre – a space just for Sixth Form students, used for study and relaxation. They have greater flexibility in their timetable, with study periods built in to the school day, where students must exercise self-discipline and manage their time effectively. The extended school day for Sixth Form students allows time for full coverage of the curriculum and wider enrichment and leadership opportunities. In recognition of their growing maturity, as Lower Sixth students progress into Upper Sixth they have greater flexibility to come and go from school, as long as they are in attendance for all scheduled classes and meetings, and as long as they are successfully meeting all work deadlines and school commitments.

The school monitors closely how students are coping with this greater flexibility and is ready to step in, support and guide, where students are not meeting requirements. This greater freedom encourages them to build their independence and self-management skills. Thus, when they arrive at university, they are used to managing their own time and more likely to settle into a disciplined routine quickly in order to make the most of their university studies. Too often, school pupils can be too used to the rigid constraints of a school timetable and careful monitoring by teaching staff throughout the school day; with the end result that when students have to make the transition to the greater freedom of university, they sometimes struggle to adjust.


Leadership development programme

Through the Malvern ethos and academic and wider curriculum, we seek to build competence and confidence in leading others, and to develop the mindset and approaches to be able to go onto be compassionate, courageous and confident leaders committed to making a difference. MCHK’s Leadership development programme creates opportunities for Sixth Form students to explore the concept of leadership more explicitly, to discover their own leadership style and develop essential leadership skills. The Leadership development programme includes:

  • Training in a professionally tailored leadership framework which provides the focus and language through which to explore the multi-dimensional nature of leadership and articulate one’s personal leadership style;
  • Mentoring and coaching to support and guide students;
  • Leadership speaker series to inspire;
  • Experiential opportunities to lead within and beyond the school community through the school’s Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) programme in order to demonstrate leadership in action.

    Sixth Form Tutor Programme

    Personalised support for Sixth Form students is provided through the Sixth Form tutor programme. All Sixth Form students have a personal tutor from amongst the teaching staff, who will meet with them regularly individually to support and guide them through the highs and lows of the Sixth Form. Sixth Form tutors know their tutees holistically, having oversight of their academic and wider social, emotional and personal development.


    Individualised careers and university guidance

    Individualised careers and university guidance is tailored to the interests of each student and able to support applications to universities around the world. Students have the opportunities to take part in in-depth personalised careers profiling to help guide their university course choices and future career planning.


    Enrichment Opportunities

    Senior students can take part in expeditions to challenge themselves physically and personally, either through the Hong Kong Award for Young People or through an extended overseas expedition between Lower and Upper Sixth. Service to others is deeply rooted in the Malvern tradition and the IB Diploma Programme, and all Sixth Form pupils will participate in challenging and rewarding service activities.

    Malvern College Hong Kong offers the rigorous and highly regarded IB Diploma programme*. In addition to the DP curricular programme, students will be encouraged to participate in a wealth of other enrichment opportunities to broaden the mind and develop wider interests – ranging from academic societies, guest speakers, sporting and creative activities, to social events. We look forward to holding our first ‘black tie’ dinner in school – an event for senior students to learn and appreciate the etiquette of formal dinners. Senior students will be able to take part in expeditions, challenging themselves physically and personally, either through the Hong Kong Award for Young People or through an extended overseas expedition. Service to others is an embedded part of a Malvern education and of the Diploma programme, and all Sixth Form students will participate in challenging and rewarding service activities.


    And after the Sixth Form?

    MCHK students will graduate and go onto diverse and exciting future studies and careers, but will always remain part of the global network of ‘Old Malvernians’ (OMs).

    Admission to the IB Diploma Programme