Curriculum Overview

Malvern College Hong Kong will follow the example of Malvern College UK by offering a globally accepted and well established curriculum which will offer pupils opportunities to continue their studies at a wide variety of universities around the world. We believe an internationally accepted programme will not only meet the needs of our culturally diverse pupil body, it will also provide ample opportunity to recognise education as both global in content and outlook – and emphasise the interconnectedness of knowledge. Our curriculum is:  
  • recognised and admired by top universities around the world, thus opening many doors for our graduates as they pursue further education;
  • inquiry-based where children are able to explore ideas and concepts and consequently develop a body of knowledge at their own pace;
  • rigorous and challenging that applies high standards and expectations to ensure the very best education;
  • conceptual, interdisciplinary and holistic, offering opportunities for deeper and broader knowledge in a wide range of subject areas;
  • designed to encourage a global perspective and ultimately global citizenship;
  • collaborative in nature, involving schools and teachers in a cyclical process.

The Malvern College Hong Kong Learning Pathway


Primary Years

(Ages 5-11)

Years 1-6


Middle Years

(Ages 11-16)

2018-19 (Years 7-9)

2019-20 (Years 7-10)

2020-21 (Years 7-11)


Upper Secondary

(Ages 16-18)

Starting in 2021-22

(Years 12-13)