Approaches to learning and teaching


Monitoring and tracking

A multi-dimensional approach is used to monitor and track pupil progress in their learning with assessment an integral part of the teaching and learning process. Formative assessment is balanced with more formal, summative assessment processes at the end of a unit, as appropriate to the age and stage of the child. Data from standardised tests is also used to add to the teachers’ knowledge of our pupils and to help ensure that teaching and learning is tailored to the individual needs of children. Celebrations of learning, pupil-led conferences and exhibitions provide the opportunity for pupils to showcase their learning to their parents.


Learning Enhancement

Malvern College Hong Kong is committed to supporting the needs and strengths of each individual pupil in order to help all pupils maximise their potential. Where required, Learning Enhancement Team (LET) work collaboratively with class and subject teachers to meet the needs of individual pupils. The Learning Enhancement Team includes expertise in supporting children with additional needs, English as an Additional Language as well as gifted and talented pupils.