Our Campus

Our Campus

Malvern College Hong Kong will be located in close proximity to the Hong Kong Science Park, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong.

Adjacent to the scenic Tolo Harbour, our seven-storey state-of-the-art campus is designed specifically with Malvern College’s culture, ethos and philosophy in mind. Our 26,000 square-metre campus will house the primary and secondary school including academic, sporting and recreational spaces, incorporating the latest innovation and technology in teaching, learning and environmental sustainability.

The College’s low-carbon footprint campus is designed according to environmental design principles that enhance natural ventilation, light penetration, and shading. The landscaping across floors has been consciously designed to match the adjoining green environment.


An open-plan library will be located in the heart of the school and will serves as a common learning space. Physical boundaries will be minimised to create a welcoming environment and encourage collaboration.

Blended Learning Environment

Blended learning is the combination of face-to-face instruction with online learning, recognised as the most effective method of achieving a rewarding personalised learning experience. Malvern College Hong Kong champions blended learning with well-equipped learning spaces, makerspaces, and other modern purpose-built facilities, and the use of effective learning technologies.

Learning Facilities & Technology

All classrooms in Malvern College Hong Kong are equipped with interactive projectors, audio systems, and acoustic ceilings. Professional standard laboratory furniture and equipment, with 4-sided fume cupboards, will ensure an optimal learning environment for scientists. The layout of laboratories will facilitate tutorials and practicals. The main reception lobby of the campus will serve as a science centre and exhibition area for pupil work.

An open-plan library will be located in the heart of the school and will serve as a common learning space. Physical boundaries will be minimised to create a welcoming environment and encourage collaboration.

Sports Facilities

As sports are an important and integral part of our curriculum, all our pupils will participate in a selection of sports including rugby, cricket, netball, basketball, rounders, athletics and gymnastics. While many of our sports will be taught on campus some will require off campus access to specialist facilities. Other planned sports will also include sailing, kayaking, cycling. Some of these sports will be offered as co-curricular activities after school.

On campus, Malvern College Hong Kong will have an AstroTurf Skypitch that will be equipped with 4th generation artificial turf and shock-absorption pad, designed for football and rugby. The design ensures that uniform lighting levels will reduce any disturbance to our neighbours. The landscaped garden and outdoor space will provide pupils with experience of planting and gardening.

Inside on the ground floor we will have a 6-lane, 25m heated swimming pool offering swimmers an excellent all-year round facility. The indoor multi-purpose sports hall will provide full-sized basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, whilst cricket lanes will feature special flooring that closely mimics the bounce of a real cricket pitch. It can also be used as an assembly hall for school events. The multi-purpose design makes it a versatile space for the whole Malvern College Hong Kong community.

Music & Performing Arts

A 450-seat auditorium with concert hall-quality acoustics will be geared towards musical and orchestral performances. Furthermore, there will also be various music rooms, band rooms, and individual practice rooms that are designed to enable good mixing of the sound for a group while reducing noise build-up, so that musicians can hear themselves and each other clearly.

Dining Hall

The dining hall will be equipped with a professional kitchen and is designed so that we can deliver the Malvern College House Dining experience. Flexible seating and furniture will allow the space to be used for different House Events.