Fees and Charges

TUITION AND FEES (All fees are subject to EDB’s approval)

  1. Administrative Charge
  2. An administrative charge of HK$3,000 is payable. This charge is non-refundable. This charge covers the cost on entrance assessment and other administrative activities, payable upon the submission of the application. The administration charges will be refunded in the unlikely event that Malvern College Hong Kong could not obtain the school registration from the Education Bureau and/or other government departments.

  3. Annual Tuition Fee (subject to EDB approval)
  4. It is anticipated that our annual tuition fees for academic year 2018 – 2019 will be:

    Year Groups Estimated Annual Tuition Fee (HKD$)
    Years 1 to 6 (PYP) $160,000
    Years 7 to 9 (MYP) $182,000
    Years 10 to 13 Not Available in Academic Year 2018-2019
  5. Annual Capital Levy
  6. The Annual Capital Levy is anticipated to be approximately $38,000 per annum. Pupils who are covered by an Individual Nomination Right (INR) or a Corporate Nomination Right (CNR) are exempted from paying the Annual Capital Levy.


Apart from the approved fees and Nomination Rights schemes, members of the school may not accept any form of advantage regardless of value or amount for personal benefit as defined under Section 9 of Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201) from any prospective parent(s) or pupil(s) in relation to the application. Failure to observe may constitute an offence under Hong Kong law.