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16 January 2018

So Much Starts With A Super Story!

Educators have long harnessed the power of a well-told story to capture the interest of young learners. Not only are the children transported into a world conjured up in their imagination but SO much follow-up learning can be planned from it.

NOT CONVINCED? Then come along to a scintillating session being organised in March by Malvern College Hong Kong and see for yourself! Designed specifically for children aged either 4-7 or 8-11, for periods of around one and a quarter hours each, children will first be entertained by listening to a carefully selected story. A host of follow-up activities will then be available for them to choose from. Each one will be connected to the story and embody not only true learning but many outlets to foster and unleash creativity and thinking skills. All in a relaxed and enjoyable style.

Join your child to our Creative Arts Workshop and gain insight into the hands-on creative style of teaching and learning that Malvern College promotes and is famous for.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 10 March 2018

Venue: Core Building 1E, Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong

Open to children age 4-11, Free Admissions, RSVP