Creative Arts Workshop

    Incorporating creativity in Malvern College Hong Kong


Children spent a scintillating session with us on Saturday, 10th March 2018 at our first Creative Arts Workshop. After gathering to listen to the story ‘Hannah’s surprise’, they headed off to participate in a range of activities designed to unleash their creativity and imagination.


Together with their parents, children had the opportunity to draw, make masks, make fruit kebabs, experiment with clay along with many more activities. Many regard creativity as an intrinsic ability that only a few talented individuals possess, however, quite the contrary, creativity is more than mere artistic or musical talents. Being creative is a way of thinking and of expressing ourselves, discovering new things which motivate and inspire us to be imaginative and inventive and at Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK) we believe creativity is extremely important for the growth and education of a child.


In today’s society, significant emphasis is placed on working creatively; people are encouraged to ‘think out of the box’, to find new and different ways to solve problems in our ever-evolving world. The Arts challenge how a person sees the world and encourage them to be inventive in finding solutions to problems. Hence, introducing The Arts to young people is crucial in equipping them with the ability to be inventive, critical and adaptable, and as such The Arts are an essential component of an holistic education. A curriculum with the right mix of creativity allows pupils to develop into good communicators and in addition to improve their emotional and social skills.


MCHK recognises this importance and will incorporate creativity in our school in as many ways as possible. At MCHK, the emphasis is placed firmly on preparing pupils for the changing demands of living in the 21st century, combining academic success with ample opportunities for character building and personal development. We aim to continue the Malvern tradition of Innovation in Science and Mathematics by encouraging the development of 21st century skills and thinking via STEM projects and activities such as coding and digital design. The Arts will be an essential component of education at MCHK and activities offered will cover Visual Arts, Drama, Music and Film.


Our state-of-the-art campus is designed specifically to facilitate creative learning for our pupils. We have various pockets of space in the 3-floor open-plan library which are perfect for group assignments and which will promote collaboration and communication. In addition, our campus incorporates a 450-seated auditorium, multiple music rooms, band rooms and individual practice rooms, together with a whole floor dedicated to visual arts. As such, it will provide extensive opportunities for our pupils to explore their passions in a range of creative fields.