A rich and innovative co-curricular programme

Our pupils at Malvern College Hong Kong experience a well-balanced daily routine encompassing academic, physical and co-curricular activities. Pupils can take on different roles to help organise their activities independently or with guidance from their teachers.

The leadership programme in Malvern College Hong Kong is well structured and coordinated to give pupils opportunities to develop their confidence and social skills. It is provided within the overall pastoral programme of the school, including taking on leadership positions within their House or at whole school level.

We have a comprehensive chess programme for the development of higher-level critical thinking, and debating and public speaking for effective communication.

Sports form an important part of our co-curricular programme. Through participation in sports pupils lead a healthy lifestyle and develop their social and leadership skills. The skills they acquire through participation in sports also help them develop confidence and character as they prepare for further education and the workplace.

Our Sports and Co-Curricular Programme include the following organised programmes and activities, as well as others introduced and developed throughout the growth of the school:

  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • The Hong Kong Award for Young People (Duke of Edinburgh Award International)
  • Summer School in Malvern College in UK
  • Residential Programmes

The Arts are an essential component of education at Malvern College Hong Kong. As with Sports and Leadership opportunities, the Arts develop and nurture the creative skills and talents of our pupils as well as equipping them with necessary social skills. In addition to the Arts, we will also include a wide variety of other opportunities – drama, music, technology, chess, coding and others.