Primary Years

The Primary Years (Prep 1 to Prep 6)

Malvern College Hong Kong offers a stimulating international curriculum that builds on our inquiry-focused approach in the Early Years. Learning takes place by integrating subject areas through a holistic approach that builds both a strong academic foundation and a love of learning.

The structured inquiries give the pupils opportunities to construct and connect their knowledge in a meaningful and challenging way. Relevant content set in meaningful contexts give the best environment for acquiring knowledge, skills and understanding. The Malvern primary years pupils also learn to appreciate the diversity of others, develop their own character and strive to become responsible for their own learning.

Our literacy and mathematics continuum across the primary years is based on British and international standards, inclusively targeting each of our pupils through a personalized approach to their foundational learning.

Our subject areas encompass:

Language (English and daily Chinese language)

Social Studies (People, Societies and their place in relation to each other and the environments)

Mathematics (measurement, numbers, functions, shapes, space and data)

Arts: Visual and Performing Arts (Music, Drama and Dance)

Science (using an experimental and integrated approach)

Physical Health and Social Education (character and social development, Physical Education and Healthy Living)

In the final year of the primary school, our pupils take part in a collaborative project, where they synthesise all of their knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills and take action on their learning. The Prep 6 pupils share their learning journey and conclusions with the Malvern community.

Throughout the primary years, our pupils are assessed and evaluated against international standards using formative and summative means and employing self, peer, and teacher assessment tools.