Admission to the IB Diploma Programme

Admission to the IB Diploma Programme (DP) for August 2021

This document relates specifically to direct entry to the IB Diploma Programme and should be read in conjunction with Malvern College Hong Kong’s whole school Admissions and Inclusion policies.

The IB Diploma Programme is both academically and personally challenging. We expect pupils to be fully involved in their studies and to be actively involved within the broader school community throughout their final two years at Malvern College Hong Kong. Success in DP requires a holistic balance, not only academic excellence but also perseverance, motivation, self-discipline and leadership skills. There is a strong emphasis on applying the Approaches to Learning skills of Self-Management, Collaboration, Communication, Inquiry and Reflection. Social skills are also important, especially in the IB Core (Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Action, Service), where pupils need to plan, participate and reflect upon meaningful service and other types of experiential learning. Pupils’ admittance to the IB Diploma Programme is based on multiple criteria including English language proficiency, their expected level of achievement in MYP or GCSEs (or other equivalent middle years programme), suitability of the IB Programme offered by the school to support successful learning by the individual, and the capability of the school to support a pupil’s learning needs.

At the heart of any final admissions decision is the pupil and his or her future aspirations, both as an individual and as a prospective member of the school community. In reviewing entry into the IB Diploma Programme, the following is considered:

  • Whether the pupil will emotionally and academically manage the IBDP and as a result benefit from the challenges on offer;
  • Whether the pupil’s further education opportunities will be enhanced by undertaking the rigours of the IBDP;
  • Whether the College community will be enriched by the contribution of the pupil;
  • Whether the pupil has demonstrated a commitment to Service as Action as preparation for CAS

External pupils admitted for direct entry to the Diploma are expected to meet the requirements of the full DP programme.

To achieve the Diploma Programme, pupils are required to complete the following:

1. Three Higher Level (HL) and three Standard Level (SL) courses;

2. Two Languages (Group 1 and Group 2), at least one in Group 1;

3. One course each from Group 3 Individuals and Societies, Group 4 Sciences and Group 5 Mathematics;

4. One course from Group 6 Arts, or one more subject from Groups 1, 2, 3 or 4;

5. The IB Core (Theory of Knowledge; Extended Essay; Creativity, Action, Service)

The availability of subjects within the six groups is determined by the school, taking into account the interests of the pupils and the availability of resources. While there are many possible subject combinations, please bear in mind that all choices are subject to the constraints of the school timetable, consideration of class sizes and other logistical and educational considerations. Please be aware that the subject offering may change from year to year.

It is anticipated that the following subjects will be available in August 2021, subject to minimum uptake. A student’s choice of Diploma subjects will be discussed as part of the admissions process.

Group 1 Studies in Language and Literature (Language A) English Language and Literature (HL/SL)
Chinese Language and Literature (HL/SL)
Self taught literature in mother tongue (SL)
Group 2 Language Acquisition (Language B) English (HL/SL)
Chinese (HL/SL)
Ab initio Spanish (SL only)
Group 3 Individuals and Societies Economics (HL/SL)
History (HL/SL)
Geography (HL/SL)
Group 4 The Sciences Biology (HL/SL)
Chemistry (HL/SL)
Physics (HL/SL)
Design Technology
Group 5 Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (HL/SL)
Applications and Interpretations (HL/SL)
Group 6 The Arts Music
Visual Arts

Admissions process for entry to the Diploma Programme:

1. Review of school records, including the last two years of school reports;

2. Online tests covering verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning – these tests are non curriculum specific and assess a pupil’s cognitive abilities and potential;

3. Written assessment in English;

4. Pupil interview with the Headmaster/Deputy Head/Head of Secondary and DP Coordinator;

5. Parent interview.

Additional tests will be requested in individual circumstances where further language testing is required or where subject specific tests would help ensure appropriate choice of IB DP subjects.

The school reserves the right to contact the current school of any pupil applying for direct DP entry.